Transportation Policies


Fuel Economy Standard

Transportation Demand Management

Vehicle Electrification

Buildings & Appliances Policies

Building Component Electrification

Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Contractor Training

Distributed Solar Carve-Out

Distributed Solar Subsidy

Improved Labeling

Increased Retrofitting

Rebate for Efficient Products

Electricity Supply Policies

Demand Response

Early Retirement of Power Plants

Grid-Scale Electricity Storage

Increase or Decrease Electricity Trading

Increase Transmission

Plant Lifetime Extension

Reduce Plant Downtime

Reduce Soft Costs of Capacity Construction

Reduce Transmission and Distribution Losses

Renewable Portfolio Standard

Subsidy for Electricity Production

Industry Policies

Cement Clinker Substitution

Cogeneration and Waste Heat Recovery

Early Retirement of Industrial Facilities

Industry Energy Efficiency Standards

Improved System Design

Industrial Fuel Switching

Methane Capture

Methane Destruction

Reduced Nonmethane GHG Venting

Worker Training

Agriculture, Land Use, and Forestry

Afforestation and Reforestation

Avoid Deforestation

Forest Restoration

Forest Set-Asides

Cropland Management

Improved Forest Management

Livestock Measures

Peatland Restoration

Rice Cultivation Measures

Cross-Sector Policies

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Carbon Tax

Convert Non-CHP Heat Production

End Existing Subsidies

Fuel Taxes

R&D Policies

Research and Development